Swastik Tiles offers best quality Cement Mosaic Tiles. Both for Indoors and Outdoor Floorings. MOSAIC tiles are Cement concrete chips Terrazzo tiles manufactured with exceptional care and art, using best quality of colours, aggregates, combinations and patterns The range includes Premium mosaic and Regular mosaic tiles, industrial & heavy-duty tiles  in unique colours, chips and combinations.

Tiles are supplied ungrinded and unpolished form. These tiles need grinding and polishing at site.. The job of polishing and sealing has to be done with care and knowledge .This work should be done by an experienced and expert agency.


Available Sizes:-
250x250 Mm    |    300x300 Mm    |    200x200 Mm
Key Features:-

  • Best Water Proofing In Affordable Price
  • Cost Economic Product
  • Uv Resistant Colour Pigments
  • Uniform Colour Of Tiles Floor
  • Custom Color Tiles Option
  • Use Of Assorted Best Quality Marble And Quartz Stone Chips
  • Re-Polishable
  • Provide Thermal Insulation
  • High Dimensional Stability
  • Provide Smooth Surface Finish And Act As A Good Water Proffer
  • Colourful Surface It Looks Decorative
  • Eco Friendly And 100% Natural
  • Covers Cracks On  Terrace
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal
  • Usable Terrace Space

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