Post Reviews

  • Rahul Pareek, New Business Consultant

    Swastik Tile really has gorgeous tile, and it's the go-to place if you're looking to break out of the Home Depot-type of tile hut. Swastik  Tile does have a healthy range of Cement Mosaic floor  and roof tile, they excel with granite, marble, limestone, travertine, slate and onyx slabs and tile.

  • Narendra Grover, Website Developer

    More high-end tile, all mosaic. Headquartered in Jaipur. Even if you are not in the market for architect-quality mosaic tile, Swastik site is well worth consulting to see tile designs from knowledgeable designers.  

  • Dinesh Rathore, HD Department

      Swastik Tiles is an Indian tile company that has placed roots in  in Rajasthan the form of a large factory in Jaipur. They have a system for laying their porcelain stoneware plank tile without grout, adhesives, or joints. Each tile plank has grooves on both sides (not like tongue and groove, which has grooves only on one side). You place a insert in the groove as a kind of "tongue" and then use a mallet to tap the adjoining board in.