Roof Insulation Heat Resistant Tiles


                                                                        "Designed specially to keep the buildings and homes cool and pleasant."


SWASTIK COOL is made from heat resistent ground minerals blended with fibers and inorganic compounds and other chemicals. A unique, over deck,

white cement bonded,beautiful, multilayered, non-porous, and reflective thermal insulation product designed to integrate seamlessly with the concrete

roof system,  Which will have high solar reflectance, high emissivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion.


Need of This Product


As we are aware that in India, especially in the northern and western region, We face severe heat in summer for a long time in a year. We are also facing

the problem of global warming , accute power shortage,huge energy consuption,  Rising Temperature of atmosphere , decreasing greeneryand most important

decreasing GROUND WATER.

The need for adoption of Green building concept is must and to develop a product to protect us from heat rediation in the building from the RCC roof.

The radiation of heat results in higher consumption of ELECTRICITY (A.C.,Cooler) and higher consumption of WATER (Cooler).


Available Sizes:-                              250x250 mm       |              300x300 mm




  • Provide Thermal Insulation;
  • Best water proofing in affordable price
  • Reduces use of AC & hence lessens CFC emission
  • Reduces power consumption & hence reduces electricity bill
  • Reduces water consumption & hence save precious ground water
  • High dimensional stability
  • Provide smooth surface finish and act as a good water proffer
  • Colourful surface it looks decorative
  • Lower surface temperature
  • Eco friendly and 100% natural
  • Covers cracks on  terrace
  • Cost Effective.
  • Exceptional durability
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal
  • Usable terrace space

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