Natural Looking , Beautiful Tiles For Floor And Walls. This Tile Are Also Known As Accupressure Tiles And These Tiles Are Very Useful For Health. Made By Non-Toxic And Eco-Friendly Material, These Tiles Are Laid On The Floor With Cement Mixture. By Walking On These Tiles Without Footwear,  The Uneven But Curvy Points Of Tiles Presses Our Accupressure Points Of Foot. Regular Walk On These Tiles May Give Good Results For Our Health.

These Tiles Can Also Be Used For Walls Decoration , Exterior Walls And Gardens.

Key Features:-

  • Accupressure Tiles
  • Thickness – 25 Mm
  • Mosaic Top Layer
  • Unique Wet Manufacturing Process
  • Cost Economic Product
  • Uv Resistant Colour Pigments
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal


Available Sizes:-                300 X 300 Mm